Our Philosophy

‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’. 


The philosophy of our writing centre is the same as that set forth in the famous quote above.

Our primary objective is to help students become better writers in the long-term. We aim to achieve this by helping students improve and develop their writing skills so that they will produce clear, well-organised and effective assignments. Instead of simply proofreading students’ work before submission, writing instructors will provide helpful feedback on different aspects of a student’s work in order to ensure their ongoing development as writers.


Our mission is to help HBKU students become more effective writers in their respective disciplines by engaging them in critical conversations about their writing at any stage of the writing process.

In support of this mission, AWARE seeks to support students in a learner-centred environment by providing one-to-one consultations and academic writing workshops. A comprehensive collection of online self-help resources will also be provided and regularly updated on the AWARE website pages.


AWARE’s goal is to develop capable and confident independent writers while becoming a trusted and reliable campus resource.


Who is the centre for?

AWARE is a service that is available to all students at HBKU. This means that that we are happy to assist students from any discipline and/ or level of English language competency. Nevertheless, it should be borne in mind that we are not subject specialists and can therefore not offer content knowledge for specific disciplines.

We understand that for some students on campus this will be their first time studying in English in higher education, while for others it will be something they have already experienced. AWARE welcomes all students regardless of the degree of assistance they require, and our ultimate goal always remains the same – to help develop better writers.

We also encourage faculty to use our services, especially if they feel we can assist their students in a particular task or aspect of writing.

Where are we located?

We are presently located in the library, LAS Building, First Floor.

What do we do?

We aim to assist students with their academic writing assignments/ thesis by primarily offering the following services:

1. Paper review sessions. These are one-to-one pre-booked 50 minute consultations.

2. Workshops on different aspects of academic writing.

3. Provision of relevant writing resources/ handouts.

The goal of the Writing Centre is to empower you to improve your writing skills so that you will produce clear, effective writing. We can look at one assignment per Paper Review, and we will review as much of the document as possible in the time available.

It is important to note that it is not the responsibility of our writing tutors to edit or proofread your work. Instead, they will provide helpful feedback about different patterns that appear in your writing that you can use to improve your own work.

In our review of your paper, we provide constructive feedback on student writing, which includes the following areas:

1. The writing process

2. How to tackle different academic writing assignment types

3. Cohesion, flow, and organization.

4. Grammar, sentence structure and punctuation.

5. Academic writing style and word choice.

6. How to avoid plagiarism/ citation and referencing.

7. Highlight the weakest elements of your writing so you can focus on them when revising your paper.

We can also help you to:

1. Understand assignment topics better.

2. Develop your ideas/ thesis/ argument.

3. Learn the writing process effectively.

4. Improve your introductions, conclusions and body paragraphs.

5. Construct more effective sentences.

We provide and/ or direct students towards relevant resources that can inform them about and help them develop their abilities in different aspects of academic writing.

We offer regular workshops on different aspects of academic writing in order to help develop student autonomy at each stage of the writing process. Information and dates concerning these workshops will be made available at the beginning of each semester.

We assist students with IELTS related writing tasks if this is a course requirement.

We may offer short English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses and facilitate peer reading and/ or writing groups if demand exists

What do we not do?

Our writing instructors are not subject matter experts, so they cannot comment on the validity of the academic content of a student’s work. More specifically, we cannot provide feedback on:

1. The correctness of any claims students make relating to their topic.

2. The accurateness of student research and / or translated text.

We do not tell you what you should think.

Writing instructors are in no way responsible for ensuring that students complete assignments in accordance with assignment deadlines. In other words, students should not block book appointments just before an assignment has to be submitted.

The Writing Centre does not review personal correspondence, CVs, or scholarship applications in order to allow as many students as possible to receive feedback on academic coursework.