Arabic Sign Language Courses in Spring 2019

Arabic Sign Language Courses in Spring 2019

For Arabic Native Speakers Only

Register online and confirm your registration at TII by paying your course fees (payment by credit or debit cards only). All payments are accepted at our offices: Al Luqta Street, Qatar Foundation, Gate #2, LAS Building, First Floor.


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Registration Details:
Dates: 9 December 2018 till 9 January 2019
Days:  Sunday till Thursday
Time:  10:00 AM till 4:00 PM


Course Details:

The program consists of three levels. Each level lasts for twelve weeks (three hours a week), with a total of 36 hours. The full program requires 108 hours to be completed, for the three levels during 36 weeks.

The aim of this program is to introduce the sign language to the participants in order for them to learn it. It also aims to enable the participants to know the components, characteristics, sources and differences of the sign language as a language with a complete and integrated system. Moreover, the program presents the techniques and skills needed for communicating through sign language, as well as understanding the processes of the sign language communication and its relationship to other forms of communications such as "fingerspelling, gestures, various language structures which take into account the rules of the sign language, and understanding the communication processes.

The program also enables the participants to practically communicate through sign language. It is set to take the participants to a level that qualifies them to achieve optimal communication with the Deaf.


  1. To familiarize participants with the linguistic culture of the Deaf in general, sign language in particular, and why it is considered a language like other languages; 
  2. To enable participants recognize the rules of the sign language, what is meant by sign language, its components, differences, elements, speed and movement;
  3. To know the components of the sign concept within the sign language, word system, sign performance techniques, and sign performance skills along with the physical gestures and fingerspelling in order to understand the communication processes;
  4. To enable participants acquire the ability to make different linguistic structures that take into account the rules, grammar, and derivation of the names out of the verbs in order to be able to understand the basic language communication and comprehension processes.

Course Duration: 17 January - 4 April, 2019
Section 1: Thursdays, 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM * Canceled 

Tuition Fees: 1500 QAR