Kids and Teenagers Language Courses

Kids and Teenagers Language Courses

Bring Your Child to TII for a Language Immersion Program and Fun!

Get ahead of the curve and give your child the gift of learning a foreign language in early childhood. There is a great deal of research proving that young children can learn multiple languages simultaneously and that the earlier they start the better chances they have to acquire them fluently and become close to native speakers.

If you are reading this web site you have taken the first step towards helping your child be a future member of the community of multilingual and multicultural speakers.

We are offering foreign language classes for children and teenagers aged 5 to 15 years. During 1 hour and 50 minutes classes on Saturdays, they will learn to understand and express themselves in the language of choice taking an exciting journey into the culture, where they will be practicing through  well-structured lessons and diverse activities such as songs, games, crafts, music, drama and art.

Classes are taught entirely in the respective languages and foster creativity and collaboration among children.

All of our courses are taught by qualified native and near-native speaker-teachers who have experience teaching children.

Courses will be offered at the beginner level in four age groups: ages 5/6, ages 7/9, ages 10/12 and ages 13/15 years. The curriculum is designed for learners of the language as a foreign language rather than as a heritage language. It has been designed with a view to the cognitive development of the children of each age group.


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