Translation in Business and Finance Workshop

Translation in Business and Finance Workshop


Critical and confidential documents such as financial statements require immense care and extra precautions, not only to ensure adequacy and accuracy but also to preempt potential criticism from clients and end-users. Granted, financial translation has become a high-demand sector. So much so that it cuts across other types of translation, not least legal translation, thereby making it a prerequisite for all translators to know the ins and outs of translating business documentation. The financial translation domain is wide-ranging, spanning from accounting to finance, banking, and corporate communication, among others. That being the case, translating financial documents demands vast, multidisciplinary knowledge above and beyond the mere bilingual competence. Such specialization and interdisciplinarity have foregrounded financial translation as a challenging yet rewarding domain.

In this self-paced workshop, participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of financial translation through a theoretical and practical approach that puts to work a plethora of practice-oriented translation approaches. Overall, the course covers basic accounting documents and financial statements. Issues such as editing, revision, proofreading, and adaptation will be discussed.

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