Translation and Interpreting Institute at HBKU Offers Language Courses for Children and Teenagers

Translation and Interpreting Institute at HBKU Offers Language Courses for Children and Teenagers

Six language courses offered in an immersive and interactive learning environment

[Translation and Interpreting Institute at HBKU Offers Language Courses for Children and Teenagers]

Six foreign language courses for students aged five to 15 years are now on offer at The Translation and Interpreting Institute (TII), part of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU). The classes will run for 15 weeks and are set to commence in September 2019. 

The fall courses, which are offered through the Language Center at TII, include Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. A specially designed Arabic course for non-native students aged 8 to 11 years will aim to strengthen the reading skills of students and develop their communication abilities. The course will utilize simple dialogue exercises and help students read and understand short passages that address daily life. 

Students can look forward to an enriching and culturally rewarding experience where they will be taught the history of the language through carefully planned lessons that use up-to-date methodologies and activities such as songs, games, crafts, music, drama, and art. 

Dr. Nima Nazari, Director of the Language Center, TII, HBKU, said: “Research shows that children have a stronger innate ability to learn languages and gain proficiency when compared to adults. Therefore, our courses focus on developing the cognitive skills and creativity of the students by encouraging them to learn in a supportive environment. In a multicultural country like Qatar, where several foreign languages and cultures are intertwined, being able to speak another language is a valuable asset for children because it strengthens their cross-cultural understanding and boosts their critical thinking skills.” 

Students are taught entirely in the foreign language as part of a fully immersive experience, and will be encouraged to think creatively and collaborate with other students. The classes are taught by qualified instructors with prior experience in teaching children, and will be held every Saturday from September 7 to December 14.

The fall courses offered by TII’s Language Center further the institute’s mission to provide world-class foreign language education that enables learners to acquire a new language in a natural setting.  

HBKU’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences and its Translation and Interpreting Institute encourage multidisciplinary learning. The college is home to five innovative programs at the master’s and PhD levels, addressing the fields of translation; audiovisual translation; women, society, and development; and digital humanities and societies. More recently, the college introduced its first-ever PhD in Humanities and Social Sciences program in response to growing local and regional needs. 

All courses will be held at Penrose House (previously LAS Building) in Education City.


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