Translation and Training Center

Translation and Training Center


Within the context of expanding the College’s reach in Qatar and the region, the Translation and Training Center (TTC) creates and implements innovative opportunities that support individual, professional and community development through training, consultancy and services in the areas of translation and interpreting. Driven by Qatar National Vision 2030, TTC aims to be established as the top training and service destination in the area of translation and interpreting with a view to having a visible impact on the social, economic and workforce development in Qatar and the region.

Our professional translation and interpreting training and services are undertaken by highly qualified professionals, holders of language-based and Master's degrees in translation and interpreting, and managed by an experienced team of leaders. The Center aims at promoting community development and building capacity through professional development opportunities in translation and interpreting, as well as offering quality translation and interpreting services to Qatar Foundation and strategic partners.

TTC also aims at bridging the gap between the academic and professional aspects of translator training. It devises and implements training workshops with a view to developing the professional and technical skills MA students need to access the translation market, especially in the areas of quality assurance, project management and entrepreneurship. TTC offers internship sessions to Master students who work under close supervision of highly qualified professionals. The internship program exposes students to a wide range of text types in a real-world work environment, with the result that they develop employability skills needed for career readiness and professional competence.

The ultimate goal of this endeavor is to ensure continuity in the profession and disseminate the culture of quality standards required to guarantee a bright future for the translation industry in Qatar and the region. The Center’s current offerings includes: translation, revision, proofreading, interpreting, audiovisual translation services, public and customized training workshops, and translation and interpreting related consultancy services such as training programs, accessible communication, and the utilization of translation technology.