Translation Services

Translation Services

TTC offers translation, revision and proofreading services to QF centers and strategic partners. Our services cover a variety of fields that include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Business translation
  2. Legal translation
  3. Medical translation
  4. Financial translation
  5. Sports translation
  6. Media translation
  7. Art, Heritage and Culture Translation
  8. Religious Translation
  9. Academic translation
  10. Website and Social Media Translation

As part of its pioneering role and leading state of the art practices in translation, the Center is keen to spread the knowledge and use of translation technology in the whole region academically and professionally. Translation technologies are helpful devices that can change the way we work, taking over tasks that are tedious and repetitive, and leaving to us what we do best- using our mental process to make wise decisions. TTC provides technical and logistic assistance for students and clients to equip them with the technological skills that are increasingly becoming primary requirements for any translation major graduate.  

Translation Language Pairs

The following are the main language pairs TTC provides:




Qatari Dialect <> Modern Standard Arabic


The Center can also provide translation services from English to a number of other languages. Translation services may be provided from English to: Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, Tagalog, Urdu, Hindi, Tamil, and other languages.


Notable Projects and Clients

Check a few of publicly available projects TTC contributed to through translation:


A Guide to Health Care Interpreting in International Settings

Other Words Other Meanings: A Guide to Halth Care Interpreting in International Settings

الترجمة الفورية في رحاب لرعاية الصحية

Paediatric Blast Injury Field Manual (Arabic)

   الدليل الميداني لإدارة حالات الأطفال المصابين في التفجيرات (باللغة العربية)

Paediatric Blast Injury Field Manual (French)

   الدليل الميداني لإدارة حالات الأطفال المصابين في التفجيرات (باللغة الفرنسية)


Over the years, TTC provided its translation services to major entities within Qatar. The following are some of the clients we are honored to work with: