TII French Language Program

TII French Language Program



How about a French New Year resolution? It is time to discover new cultures and languages. It is a perfect time to set up new goals and move one-step forward in your life and your career. Add French speaker to your resume and have fun exploring a new culture.

Do you know that with 274 million speakers, French is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world? No less than 84 states and governments are represented in the International Organisation of La Francophonie, and among them QATAR. French is also a language of considerable cultural influence. It is a gateway to arts and sciences. In fact, French has helped shape disciplines ranging from international relations, literature, and philosophy to cooking, fashion, theatre, dance and architecture. French is also a language of international business, higher education, travel and tourism.

The TII Language Center offers multiple levels of communicative French language instruction to the community in Doha. Whether you are an under- or postgraduate student, or just wish to learn a new language for pleasure or for social and traveling purposes, a parent with some spare time in the morning or a professional with a busy schedule, we aim to offer you a tailored experience. TII Language Center strives to provide courses in at convenient times in an engaging way for a diverse population. We move language learning beyond the classroom, to offer our students other types of activities such as workshops and events to help them pursue different aspects of French.

With communicative, proficiency-based and learner-centered curricula based on learners’ needs, and up-to-date approaches to language pedagogy, we place clear emphasis on the integration of language and culture and the incorporation of technology in both learning and teaching. We strive to adapt to the changes in society and to consider the fact that today’s students want to learn faster, they want advanced instruction which is tasks/performance-oriented using technology, they are more involved working on projects using the target language and visual support. We want to create a unique program that combines academic and lifestyle contexts, to teach the language in real life situations, to allow our students to more easily grasp the French language and culture. It is important for us to invite our students to develop a skill set and not only theoretical knowledge, important to foster personal development and we seek therefore to maintain our community as a set of lifelong learners.

So for all those reasons, we are expecting you at TII Language Center and in our French program, to learn the language and go beyond.


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