Turkish Language Instructors

Turkish Language Instructors

Yunus Emre


Yunus Emre Taşkıran

Before HBKU, I studied both at the undergraduate and graduate levels Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language. After my studies, I began teaching Turkish to foreigners at Ankara University TÖMER and then I was appointed as a visiting lecturer to Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in South Korea, where I enjoyed the privilege of teaching Turkish to a variety of people including university students, corporate executives, and local dignitaries. Throughout this period of time, in both South Korea and Turkey, I was able to conduct research and collect data that will make a valuable contribution to future research regarding the application of methods for teaching Turkish as a foreign language.


I am also excited to contribute to Second Language Studies, Foreign Language Teaching, and Altaic Studies with my Master's thesis ; ''Teaching Turkish in the Far East: An Evaluative Study’’ with more than 10 years of L2 Turkish language instruction education and training in both domestic and overseas environments.