Turkish Language Instructors

Turkish Language Instructors

Yunus Emre

Yunus Emre Taşkıran

Before HBKU, I studied both at the undergraduate and graduate levels Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language. After my studies, I began teaching Turkish to foreigners at Ankara University TÖMER and then I was appointed as a visiting lecturer to Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in South Korea, where I enjoyed the privilege of teaching Turkish to a variety of people including university students, corporate executives, and local dignitaries. Throughout this period of time, in both South Korea and Turkey, I was able to conduct research and collect data that will make a valuable contribution to future research regarding the application of methods for teaching Turkish as a foreign language.


I am also excited to contribute to Second Language Studies, Foreign Language Teaching, and Altaic Studies with my Master's thesis ; ''Teaching Turkish in the Far East: An Evaluative Study’’ with more than 10 years of L2 Turkish language instruction education and training in both domestic and overseas environments.


Sevgi Hughes

Born in Germany and at the age of four moved to Turkey with her family, Sevgi attended Ortaklar Anatolian Teacher Training High School in Aydın, Turkey and studied at Mersin University Education Faculty in the Turkish Language Teaching department. While she was studying in Mersin University she worked part time in a local tv and radio as a presenter and was in the university council, theatre club, debate team, helping street children project, music team, the faculty representative, and in Anatolian University Public Administration department. 

After university Sevgi attended the Solex College English Language Course in Chicago, USA and has also attended the Tömer ‘’Turkish Language Teaching Program’’.  

Sevgi has a positive approach, and likes teaching, travelling, nature, exploring different cultures and finding good dining places. J