TII Russian Language Program

TII Russian Language Program

Welcome to Our NEW Russian Program!

Rapid globalization has created an incredible need for people who speak many languages. Why should Russian be one of the languages you speak? Russia is the biggest country in the world, and from the start of the new millennium it has been positioning itself as a major economic force. The knowledge of Russian will open new doors for your professional and personal development. Spoken by over 280 million people, Russian is one of the most used languages in the world, one of six official languages of the UN, a language of scientific and business literature and newly emerging business and travelling opportunities.

Do not wait for this opportunity to pass you by! Enroll in our Russian class today. Through fun and engaging lessons, you will learn the skills that are necessary for successful communication. From day one you will be speaking, listening, reading and writing in this beautiful language. You will be learning a lot about fascinating Russian culture and the mysterious Russian soul. Come and join us on this journey! Your commitment and motivation will guarantee your success!


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