TII Spanish Language Program

TII Spanish Language Program



Fast Track Opportunity!

4 weeks to improve your Spanish level prior to the holidays.


Summer Term is already here and we would like to invite you to quickly improve your level of Spanish before your holidays starts. 

By extending your term in 4 weeks we offer you this unique opportunity to improve your level of Spanish in a practical form which includes:

  • All linguistic competences with a focus on conversation.
  • Oral and written expression.
  • Listening and reading comprehension.

This EARLY SUMMER TERMprogram will have a duration of 20 hours during 4 weeks which is designed to increase your knowledge and to put into effect the contents acquired in your current Spanish level. This is the time to deepen, put into practice and increase your linguistic competences quickly. This progress includes an outdoor practical class, which will let you enhance your language competences before starting your summer holidays and ensuring a great Fall Term. 

From April 7th till May 1st, students will meet twice a week in the evening to master all levels, from Learn Spanish 1(Beginner 1 level) to our Advance Speaking level. We would like to bring to your attention that our Spanish program has included in its progression the Advanced level, which is currently running, in order to be able to offer an integral program that will permit you to reach the maximum and complete command of the language. 

Also on Saturdays, for those of you with specific needs of Spanish, we offer our specialized courses of 14 hours during 4 weeks. During this summer term, if you have previous knowledge of the language you will be able to take the Spanish Conversation Courseand if you are a student with no knowledge at all of the language you will be able to take theSpanish for Traveler Survivor Coursein order to broaden your knowledge on specific topics and work on them in greater detail than in our regular courses. 

Let's not forget that Spanish is the second most important language spoken over the world. By mastering Spanish you can cover 21 countries and communicate in a comfortable manner with their people. Also, something not to forget is that Spanish is the unofficial language of football and when the world football fans descend upon Qatar in 2022 you will be ready to be part of the World Cup. Therefore, to learn Spanish, will frame you in an international context in the world, making you part of its cultural diversity and focus of one of the most important tourist destinations: Spain! 

So don’t worry because this Summer Term you can join our Spanish Courses in all their levels!

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