TII Turkish Program

TII Turkish Program

Welcome to Our NEW Turkish Program!

Language is key to culture. Turkey, a country that is connected, geographically and culturally, to Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East and as a culture, Turkey is a fascinating combination of Western traditions and Eastern ways of life. Whether you want to understand a Turkish television show, get into Turkish music, cook delicious Turkish dishes, or engage with local communities during your travels to the country, learning Turkish will allow you to participate directly. Turkish language is also an increasingly strategic politically and economically, and learning Turkish is advantageous to anyone interested in the fields of international business or politics of the region.

Come join our Turkish class and learn the skills needed to communicate in Turkish. Designed for the students who has limited or no knowledge of the Turkish language, this course will provide a solid basis in knowledge of beginners’ level. Students will be introduced to essential speaking, listening, and writing skills and the course will provide a foundation for those who wish to take the acquisition of the language further.


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