• TII students, faculty and staff may check materials out.
  • Students should have their TII ID cards to check out materials.
  • Students, faculty and staff are responsible for all items checked out to them.


Course reserve materials, multimedia and journals may not be renewed. All other circulating materials may be renewed once, unless a hold or recall has been placed on the item by another user.


A hold may be placed on checked out items. The requesting user will be notified when the item is returned. The item will be re-circulated if not collected within two days.


Faculty staff may request a recall on a circulating item for the benefit of the academic program. Recalled items should be returned within three days. Overdue fines may be imposed after a period of time.

Overdue Materials

Fines may be charged on all overdue material. Overdue notices will be sent via email as a courtesy.
Borrowing privileges may be suspended and transcripts withheld until all outstanding library materials are returned or replaced.

Damaged or lost items

Items that need to be replaced due to loss or damage are charged at the replacement cost of the item plus processing fee.

Library Use Policy

The library is a quiet zone:

  • Use of mobile phones is allowed but ringers must be switched off and phone conversations should always be conducted outside the library.
  • Please use earphones to keep the noise level down when using multimedia resources.
  • Facilities are available outside the library for group work and discussions.
  • Remember to remove personal belongings and dispose of litter when leaving the library. Unattended books and belongings will be removed to make space for other users.
  • Water and covered drinks are permitted but open drinks and food are not. Please exercise caution with beverages around library equipment and resources.
  • The library provides limited facilities for the reproduction of resources, so please observe copyright restrictions and also consider other users.