#12th_ITC Movie Screening: The Translator

#12th_ITC Movie Screening: The Translator



Movie screening and Q&A: The Translator, with Dr. Rana Kazkaz, Chair Dr. Julie Boéri 

March 15, 2023
3:45 - 6:30 pm
Auditorium 2, QNCC


Having gotten into trouble with the Syrian government, Sami has been living for years as a political refugee in Australia, working as an Arabic–English translator. And although he has adapted well to his new life, he is haunted by feelings of guilt for having abandoned his brother and sister. In 2011, the Syrian revolution starts unexpectedly, and Sami receives a video of his brother being arrested for peacefully demonstrating. The horrifying event brings up painful memories of when their father was similarly arrested by the regime thirty years earlier. Seizing this moment as a way to make up for the past, Sami makes the dangerous journey back to Syria in order to find his brother. Once there, Sami becomes increasingly aware of his responsibility towards his country and family, leading him just like his father and brother did to risk everything for freedom. Directed by Dr. Rana Kazkaz & Anas Khalaf 


Don’t miss the Keynote Address by Rana Kazkaz and Julie Boéri the next day:
Collaborating on The Translator: Films in Translation and Translation in Films
16 March 2023, 9:00-10:30 am
Auditorium 2


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