Introduction to Professional Translation

Introduction to Professional Translation

This workshop aims at developing translation skills in a wide area of disciplines that includes, but is not limited to, general, legal, and business translation. The training scheme is meant to be flexible and can accommodate various performance skill levels of trainees. Through in-sessional activities, trainees will have the opportunity to get first-hand experience in translation by exposing them to the real routine work in a professional setting. 

The workshop aims at:
- Enabling trainees to apply the conceptual knowledge they have in real life practice;
- Exposing trainees to various professional translation assignments;
- Equipping trainees with translation strategies from a practitioner’s point of view;
- Guiding trainees through researching the available resources to compile glossaries and solve idiomatic expressions’ problems;
- Handling the challenges posed to translators in their daily business;
- Focusing on specific aspects of Arabic as a target language in translation;
- Enabling trainees to criticize translated texts and defend their own choices in group discussions. 

Mazen Alfarhan  

Mazen is a graduate of the universities of Damascus, Heriot-Watt and London. In April 2013, he joined TII Professional Services Center, Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar, as a senior project leader and later assumed his current position as a Translation Reviser. In this position, he co-supervises all translation services provided to clients, and serves as a field supervisor in the Internship Program, a member of the Admission Committee, and a leader of translation and interpreting training courses.




Among other duties, his professional experience includes: 
- Lecturer of Translation, English Department of Damascus University, 1999-2004;
- Senior translator/interpreter for the Syrian government, 2001-2007;
- Lecturer of EFL, International University for Science and Technology, Syria, 2007-2008;
- Supervisor and lecturer of conference interpreting, Higher Institute of Translation & Interpreting, Damascus University, 2006-2013;
- Designer & leader of translation/interpreting training courses, Damascus University, 2010-2013;
- Freelance interpreter and translator for OIC, 2009-2013.

Mazen is also a Chevening Scholar and a Karim Rida Said Scholar. His education credentials include an MA degree in International Diplomacy, an MSc degree in Arabic-English Translation & Interpreting, Diploma in Translation, as well as a Certificate of Sworn Legal Translators from the Syrian Ministry of Justice. He also followed a number of professional courses at the University of London, Saint Joseph University (Lebanon) and Durham University (UK). Furthermore, he developed a good sense of management through courses he attended in Spain, Britain and Qatar.