Dr. Joselia Neves' Bio

Dr. Joselia Neves' Bio

Josélia Neves has a degree in Modern Languages and Literatures, an MA in English Studies, a PhD in Translation Studies, with a dissertation on Subtitling for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing. She started her career as a language teacher but soon moved on to teaching in the domain of Translation Studies and Audiovisual Translation. Parallel to her teaching activities, she has worked as a freelance translator as a means to keep abreast of the developments and requirements of the field. She has led a number of research projects with partners in the media, museums and cultural venues, the performing arts and education. Her special interest lies in developing action research projects that contribute towards making communication environments accessible to all.   While living and working in Qatar, she continues to collaborate with European Universities both as a visiting professor and a researcher. She is a member of the TransMedia Research Group and a board member of the European Association for Studies in Screen Translation.

Research Interests

  • Translation studies
  • Translator training
  • Audiovisual Translation
  • Multisensory communication
  • Language Learning Access and inclusion.


1995 /2014; Coordinating Professor; School of Education and Social Sciences; Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, Portugal

2006/2009; Invited lecturer; Translation Unit; Faculty of Arts; University of Coimbra, Portugal.


2005; PhD (in Translation); Surrey Roehampton University; London, UK

1999; MA (in English Studies); University of Aveiro; Aveiro, Portugal;

1998; Specialization (in Translation Studies); University of Oporto, Oporto, Portugal

1985; Honours Degree in Modern Languages and Literatures; University of Oporto, Oporto, Portugal.

Honors and Awards

2014. Merit Recognition – Sorrir na Educação [Smile in Education] for the ‘Malta Cool’ [Cool Kids] Project, awarded by the Clínica da Educação, Lisbon. 

2014. Acesso Cultura [Culture Access] Award, awarded to the Batalha Museum (MCCB), by Acesso Cultura. 

2013.  Medal of Honour (gold), awarded by the Batalha Council, for work carried out as coordinator for access in the Batalha Museum (MCCB). 

2013. Kenneth Hudson Award, awarded by the European Museum Forum awarded to the Batalha Museum (MCCB), for its contribution towards access for all. 

2012. Prémio Melhor Museu Português [Best Portuguese Museum Award], awarded awarded to the Batalha Museum (MCCB), by APOM [Portuguese Association for Museology]. 

2012. Best Poster Award, in Arts and Humanities, for the Poster “Inclusive communication strategies for accessible museums”. University of Aveiro. 

2011. Silver Medal, awarded by the Leiria Municipality, for work carried out while coordination the iACT Research Unit, at the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria. 

2011. Lusofonia Award 2011 for the children’s story “O Menino dos Dedos Tristes” [The boy with sad fingers].  Trofa Lusophone Contest – Children’s Stories. Awarded by the Trofa Municipality and Camões Institute. 

2009. Ist place, Category E: Software. Festival de Conteúdos Digitais Challenges 2009 [2009 Challenges – Digital Content Festival], for the vídeo game ‘Brinca Mix’, a multidiciplinary research project carried out by the Distance Learning Unit at the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria.  

2008. VIP Award – awarded by the Associação Portuguesa de Surdos [Portuguese Deaf Association]. Upon the Association’s 50th anniversary.  

2007. Afonso Lopes Vieira Award – Communication Category, awarded by the Jornal Região de Leiria [Newspaper] for the ‘magnificent work developed for the integration of citizens with special needs’. 

2006. Melhor Professor do Curso de Tradução 2005-2006 [Best teacher of the Translation Programme 2005-2006], awarded by the Student Union – Translation section; School of Technology and Management, Polytechnic Institute of Leiria. 

2004. Gerhard Weiler Award, awarded by the University of Roehampton, for the ‘innovative nature of your research and the contribution it is likely to make to enhancing social inclusion.’ 

2004. Engº Jaime Fernandes Award (Honarable Mention), awarded by the Instituto de Segurança Social [Social Security Institute], for “Sistema de Legendagem vKv – Vozes K se Vêem” [vKv Subtitling System – Voices you can see].

A Selection of Dr. Joselia Neves' Publications