Library Resources

Library Resources

Our collections serve the needs of the TII community and Education City faculty and students are welcome to use the library on a reference basis. Language Center students and part-time staff are encouraged to register as library members.

Books, back issues of print journals and multimedia resources are available for loan. Access to online databases and resources are offered on and off campus. In addition to circulated material, reference works and current periodicals are available to be used in the library. 

Registered students, faculty and staff have additional access to Qatar National Library's resources and access to other Education City libraries through an inter-lending policy.

Collection development is a collaborative effort between subject specialists, faculty members and the librarian; and supported, where appropriate, by  Qatar National Library.  See the Collection Development Guide for links to relevant reviews, publishers’ catalogs and evaluation tools. Share title recommendations using the online forms. Please contact the Librarian for the required password to access online forms.