Workshop Policies and Discounts

Workshop Policies and Discounts

Current COVID-19 Policies

  • The Translation and Training Center (TTC) reserves the right to switch face-to-face (traditional) workshops to online mode, at any point during the pandemic.
  • If the TTC is required to convert a running face-to-face workshop to online mode, there will be no refunds.
  • If the TTC is required to convert a planned face-to-face workshop to online mode, registered participants may either:
    • Receive a full refund, if a request was made 48 hours prior to the start of the first session of a given workshop, or
    • Receive the fee difference, if the registered participant agrees to patriciate in the online workshop, or
    • Transfer their registration to another workshop with the same fee that will take place within the same academic year; in case of transferring to an online workshop, they shall receive the fee difference, if any.

All of the remaining policy clauses below this section apply.

Age Requirement

The Translation and Training Center’s (TTC’s) workshops are offered for adults and students. While everyone is welcome to enroll within our workshops, our offerings typically appeal to translators and interpreters, professionals frequently working with multilingual communication, and university students.  


  • Workshop trainees must register and pay online one week before the start of the workshop, or as long as the registration in a given workshop remains open on the website.
  • Please check your eligibility for a discount, and make sure to provide proper supporting documents, when prompted during registration process.
  • Failure to provide proper supporting documents or evidence of eligibility to discount may result in canceling your registration.
  • If false information and evidence of discount eligibility was intentionally provided, TII reserves the right to take the necessary legal actions, and paid fees will not be refunded.
  • Registrants from outside Qatar are solely responsible for securing their entry visa to Qatar. TII will support their visa application by sending them an invitation letter confirming their registration in the workshop after fulfilling their payment.
  • For CHSS partners wishing to enroll a group of their employees in a given workshop, registration can be done through contacting our registration coordinator Rama Al-Zobey by email or telephone 4454 6533. Furthermore, fee payment can be settled in any of the following methods:
  1. Online payment via TII’s registration gateway:
  2. Bank wire transfer to Qatar Foundation account:
    Account Holder: Qatar Foundation
    Account Number: 0013024171001
    IBAN: QA19QNBA000000000013024171001
  3. Debit or credit card payment by visiting our offices, located on the first floor of the Penrose House Building (formerly known as the Liberal Arts and Sciences or LAS) at Education City; you can follow this Google Maps. It is preferable that you contact us ahead of time to book a suitable time to visit.

Cancellation and Refund

  • The Translation and Training Center reserves the right to cancel workshops due to lack of sufficient enrollment, or any other reason. In that case, trainees will receive a full refund of their tuition fee. Alternatively, trainees may choose to apply their tuition fee to another workshop of interest to them; in case the new workshop fee is different, they shall receive or pay the fee difference depending on the chosen workshop fees.
  • After paying the relevant workshop fee, a trainee may cancel their registration and receive a 90% refund. This, however, must be done at least 48 hours before the start of the workshop’s first session (no exceptions).
  • No refund will be granted if the request was received within less than 48 hours remaining prior to the start of the workshop’s first session.
  • A cancelation request must be sent to the registration coordinator Rama Al-Zobey by email to this effect, and must include:
  1. A copy of Qatari ID for Qatar residents, and a copy of ID/passport for non-Qatar residents.
  2. For online payments: email of payment and registration confirmation should be sent.
  3. For credit/debit card payment: the original Qatar Foundation receipt and POS-transaction slip (customer copy) should be provided. 
  4. For a bank wire payment: a copy of the confirmation letter should be provided.
  5. The Translation and Training Center will work with QF Finance to secure a refund for eligible trainees. The process can take up to 2 to 3 months.
  6. Refunds are made directly to the trainee’s credit or debit card or to their bank account if the fees were paid through a bank wire.
  • If a trainee wishes to change a workshop she/he registered in and paid for to another announced one, she/he must request a change by sending an email to the registration coordinator before the start of the first workshop (and NOT after it started).
  1. Given that the fee for workshops may be different, a change of workshop is granted to an equivalent one (same registration fees).
  2. The trainee is required to cover the difference in tuition fee in case there has been an increase during the change period.
  3. The trainee is required to cover the difference in tuition fee in case she/he is changing to another non-equivalent workshop. 

Safety and Conduct

  • All trainees are responsible for following safety guidelines in case of an emergency.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the building.
  • All trainees are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates respect for TII and its staff, fellow trainees, property and cultural differences if any.


Beneficiary Discount
Current CHSS students – Two seats only; first-come, first-served 100% (free)
University Students * 50%
Senior Qatari nationals – 50 years and above ** 50%

Returning Participants


QF Partner Universities and HBKU Alumni


QF and HBKU Staff *

CHSS Partners For a group of
more than 3 individuals
For a group of
3 individuals
Early Birds – registration and payment to be finalized 2 weeks ahead of workshop’s first day 10%
Individuals 0%

* University students (QF Partner Universities, Qatar University and other universities in Qatar), as well as QF/HBKU staff, must present valid identification cards.
** Senior Qatari nationals must present ID to prove seniority. 
*** It is not possible to avail more than one discount. In case you belong in more than one discount category, the highest discount applies.


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