Turkish Course Descriptions

Turkish Course Descriptions

This is a course for students who have not studied Turkish before. 

As a result of the course students will learn to read and understand simple texts and dialogues in Turkish, as well as participate in small conversations on a number of topics. Students will be able to understand and use essential Turkish vocabulary and provide basic information related to everyday life: naming things, numbers, colors, describing foreign language skills, family, housing, city, professions, possessions, location, directions, etc.

Prerequisites:No prior knowledge of Turkish is expected.

Textbook:No textbook is used for this course. The instructor will provide students with necessary leaning materials.


This course is designed for students who have no or little knowledge of Turkish to acquire speaking skills of the basic Turkish language in the real world setting. 

This course will provide students with a variety of social contexts through role play activities. Students will learn and practice common phrases they might encounter in daily life situations. Classroom activities in this course will allow students to utilize their vocabulary, ask questions, and engage in daily life conversations. Below is a tentative list of topics we will be covering each week:

Week 1: Get to know your friends/ neighbors! 

Week 2: Time to eat! 

Week 3: Taxi! Is there a doctor here? 

Week 4: Let’s go shopping! 

Prerequisites: No prior knowledge of Turkish is expected.

Textbook:The instructor will provide students with all necessary leaning materials.