Students Funding

Students Funding

Tuition Fees

The tuition fee (excluding the cost of textbooks) for TII's MA Programs is QAR 75,000. This amount should be paid in four installments, with each installment due at the beginning of each academic semester. Tuition Payment Plans are available for students wishing to pay their fees in smaller installments.

Upon Admission
QAR 1,500
First Installment (minus deposit)
Year 1, Semester 1
QAR 17,250
Second Installment
Year 1, Semester 2
QAR 18,750
Third Installment
Year 2, Semester 1
QAR 18,750
Fourth Installment
Year 2, Semester 2
QAR 18,750

Translation and Interpreting Studies Department Merit Scholarships

TII awards a limited number of need-blind, merit scholarships to academically outstanding students in each incoming class. There is no separate application; all applicants are automatically considered upon submission of a complete application. These scholarships are awarded upon admission, and are announced along with the offer of admission.

The availability of these scholarships is contingent on funding. 

Student Research Assistantship

A Research Assistant is involved in assisting and supporting faculty in individual projects and overall tasks of the research project. Such tasks include but are not limited to maintaining records for individual projects, assisting faculty in monitoring deadlines and progress, participating in conducting research, compiling lists of data, and putting up bibliographies, as well as assisting with the preparation of funding applications.

Student Teaching Assistantship

Tasks of the Teaching Assistant involve providing assistance to faculty in conducting the course work and enhancing the student learning experience. The work also includes activities such as facilitating student-led discussions, monitoring examinations, commenting on and correcting translations or assignments, as well as providing students the required help with his/her assignments, and holding office hours each week. Specific responsibilities will be assigned by the course professor. Students must have completed one semester at TII and be in good academic standing in order to be eligible to apply for this paid position.

Funding Opportunities for Qatari Students  

TII encourages all of its Qatari students to seize the unique opportunity to apply for full scholarship from the Supreme Education Council

Qatari students also have the opportunity to be sponsored by participating companies or institutions that will fully sponsor a student in return for employment upon graduation.  

Note: While merit-based scholarships and other funding opportunities are available, most students are expected to self-fund their education, and should make such financial arrangements towards this investment in their future accordingly.