Medical Translation

Medical Translation


This workshop targets translators who wish to master the translation of medical and health content from English to Arabic for them to work as translators for pharmaceutical industry corporations, physicians, patients, hospitals, and publishing companies (including internet publishing). It is also a good opportunity for those working in the fields of medical and health services and who are fluent in Arabic and would like to explore the adequate methods, useful tools, electronic applications and the recognized standard resources of medical translation.

This workshop could also be of an extra benefit for those who work in the media, health education, public health, outreach and communications in the medical and health fields.


Learning Objectives

  1. To introduce participants to the different forms, modes and genres of medical texts.
  2. To provide participants with a solid grounding in medical terminology and the foundational knowledge needed for mastering medical translation.
  3. To provide practical training in translating various types of medical texts;
  4. To develop participants’ thematic, linguistic and transfer competence in medical translation;
  5. To examine the common problems, pitfalls and challenges associated with medical translation work, and to enable participants to take principled decisions and adopt justifiable solutions when dealing with such problems.

Target Participants

This Workshop is recommended for specialized medical translators and general translators and interpreters who wish to specialize in this field or gain sufficient confidence to translate medical texts.


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