Application Requirements & Process

Application Requirements & Process

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The online admissions application to the MA in Translation Studies, the MA in Audiovisual Translation, and the MA in Intercultural Communication, for students wishing to start their studies in Fall 2022 is now available!

Application Deadline:

February 1, 2023 (international students)

March 15, 2023 (Qatari nationals & residents) 

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In order to be considered for admission to the Master of Arts in Translation Studies or Audiovisual Translation, applicants must have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution, and strong language proficiency in English and Arabic.

All of the following requirements are due by the application deadline, and are to be uploaded to the online application. Please make sure that you upload clear, scanned copies of these documents. Photos taken of documents will not be accepted. 

All applicants must be advised that while scanned copies of these required documents will be accepted during the application process, they are regarded as unofficial. All admitted students are required to submit notarized and official copies of all required documents upon enrollment.

Online Application: Submit a completed online application form

Academic Transcripts: Applicants must upload copies of their official academic transcript for all four years of their undergraduate studies, as well as any other subsequent studies to the online application. Transcripts in languages other than English or Arabic must be accompanied with an official translation. 

Standardized Test Results: It is mandatory to provide a digital copy of the standardized test results during the online application process, the official or original copy must be submitted only after the admission has been granted. Please refer to the institutional codes below:

TOEFL: 3565
IELTS: No code required. Students should submit/mail the report to the Admissions office.

Applicants are required to take the Academic IELTS or iBT TOEFL exam in order to demonstrate their proficiency in English. The IELTS or TOEFL score must be no more than two years old. This requirement will not be waived under any circumstances. An English-language related major will not exempt applicants from this requirement, neither will holding any specific passport.

The Admissions Committee requires strong English Proficiency scores; top candidates score at least an overall IELTS score of 6.5, with a minimum of a 6.0 in the writing component.

Personal Statement: A personal statement serves two purposes in your application. First, it is your chance to explain why you would like to study at TII. Some questions you might consider answering are: Why do you want to pursue an MA Degree? Why do you want to come specifically to TII? Are there aspects of the program that especially appeal to you? What are your career goals, and how can a degree from TII help you achieve them?

Second, your personal statement is a chance for you to highlight aspects of yourself that you feel are not adequately addressed in other parts of your application.

Generally, a personal statement is about 600 words long.

Updated CV: Applicants should submit a copy of their current resume or curriculum vitae as part of the online application.

Identification Document: Applicants should submit an electronic copy of their passport as part of the online application. The passport copy should be clear and legible and should contain all the personal information including the full name, nationality, passport number, and photo of the applicant. 

All submitted applications are put through a 3-part screening process, whereby the strongest applicants are invited to sit for the internally administered admissions entry test (testing English and Arabic language proficiency), as well as an admissions interview. 

TII’s application review is holistic. Students’ professional experience, academic readiness, and qualifications will be taken into consideration in admissions decisions. No combination of scores or academic credentials can guarantee automatic admission to TII. 

Admission to TII is competitive. TII does not set application eligibility on the basis of minimum scores. All applicants are invited to compete by presenting the strongest possible application to TII.