A Selection of Dr. Amal Al-Malki's Publications

A Selection of Dr. Amal Al-Malki's Publications


Amal Al-Malki, David Kaufer, Suguru Ishizaki, Kira Dreher, Arab Women in Arab News: Old Stereotypes and New Media. (March2012:  Bloomsbury Academic, UK and Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing).

Edited Books

Amal M. Al-Malki (ed.) The Writer’s Craft: Teaching Creative Writing in Qatar. (Doha: Ministry of Culture, Arts, and Heritage, 2010).

Peer-reviewed Articles

David Kaufer and Amal Al-Malki, "A ‘first’ for women in the kingdom: Arab/west representations of female trendsetters in Saudi Arabia," Journal of Arab and Muslim Media Research 2.1&2 (2009): 113-133.
David Kaufer and Amal Al-Malki, "The War on Terror through Arab-American Eyes: The Arab-American Press as a Rhetorical Counterpublic," Rhetoric Review 28.1 (2009): 47-65.

Book Chapters

David Kaufer, Suguru Ishizaki, and Amal Al-Malki, "Training writing teachers in the implicit knowledge underlying writing assignments,” in Sustaining Excellence in Communicating across the Curriculum: Cross-Institutional Experiences and Best Practices, eds. Nagwa Kassabgy and Amani Elshimi (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2007), 111-126.

Opinion Articles

Amal Al-Malki, “Gulf women in competing economies”, World Bank Arab Voices Blog, June 03, 2015.



Amal M. Al-Malki (ed.) Oral Histories of Qatar.

Book Chapter

Amal Al-Malki, “Policy and Identity Making,” in Policy Making in a Transformative State: The Case of Qatar. To be published in 2015 by Palgrave Macmillan.