2017 Graduate Research Forum

منتدى رسائل الخريجين البحثية للعام 2017

جدول مناقشة المُقترحات البحثية

Wednesday, November 1, 2017
2:45 Dr. Joselia Neves Opening Statement
3:00 Hisham Ali MATS The case of Gibran's Earth Gods and two translations
3:15 Saida Afef Gardabbou MATS Manifestations of ‘Literary Activism’ Through Translation:
Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Birth-Mark as a Case Study
3:30 Maryam Al- Maslamani MAAT Introducing Descriptive Guides into Qatar Museums:
A case Study of MATHAF
3:45 Ahmed Ghaly MATS House's Translation Quality Assessment Model Applied
4:00 Lena Alsaied MATS A Comparative Study: Translation and Retranslation of Robinson Crusoe
4.15 Mehdi Ibourk MAAT Subtitling Virtual Reality: Incorporating AVT to 360-degree Videos for Content Viewing Experience
4:30 Tea and Prayer break
5:15 Rachid Abdaoui MATS Translation and Commentary
5:30 Ragia Hassan MAAT Enriched Subtitling for Vocabulary Acquisition by Deaf Students
5:45 Hajar Ahmed Salih Al-Faqeeh MATS Translating Emotions and Metaphorical Expressions in Susan Sontag's Illness as Metaphor
6:00 Bahyya Zein Al Abdeen MATS The Role of Translation in Circulating and Resisting Narratives of "Daesh" in the Syrian War
6:15 Asil Qasim MAAT The Role of Subtitling and Dubbing on Vocabulary Acquisition
6:30 Naqaa Al-Azzawi MATS The problems of Cultural Translation in the Arabic Novel: A Case Study of Who killed the flamingo?


Thursday, November 2, 2017
2:45 Dr. Julie Boéri Reconvening
3:00 Barea Hammoud MAAT Translation and Commentary: Subtitling of “The Help
3:15 Beulah Haddad MATS Translating Wuthering Heights for the Stage
3:30 Noora Al-sayed MATS How Mshireb Museum narrates Qatar: The effects of the museum's texts and visuals
3:45 Hanna Abou Amouna MATS Application of Appraisal Theory on the Translation of The New Threat: The Past, A present and Future of Islamic Militancy
4:00 Aya Nabih Elmarsafy MAAT Enriching Audio Description of Film Using the Novel: The Case of The Hours
4.15 Abdullah Momani MAAT Arabic translation of Nirdeen Abu Nabaa's Enamored of Him: Examining Domestication and Foreignization of Religious Allusions and Translating Poetic Style
4:30 Tea and Prayer break
5:15 Mariem Fekih Zguir MATS Overcoming Linguistic Challenges Between Parents and Schools at Qatar Foundation
5:30 Ahmad Okbelbab MAAT Arabic Subtitling of Multilingual Films
5:45 Ethar Alnoor MATS Media Translation and Ideological Shifts 
6:00 Maha Al Adba MATS Les Misérables: Analysis of Metaphor Translation in Two Arabic Target Texts
6:15 Malak Latrous MAAT Transediting Self-Translations for Dubbing
6:30 Dr. Julie Boéri Closing Statement